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Speaker Schedule 2013-14

September 19, 2013: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 17, 2013, 7 p.m. Paul Sheetz of JustPat Orchids “Zygo What? Zygopetalum and Intergeneric Hybrids”.

November 21, 2013, 7 p.m. Cordelia Head of J&L Orchids.

January 16, 2014, 7 p.m. Stephen Male of Fishing Creek Orchids.

February 20, 2014, 7 p.m. Tom Mirenda of the Smithsonian Institution.

Speaker Schedule 2012-13

September 20, 2012: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 18, 2012, 7 p.m. Clark Riley Says, “OK, You’re Out of Room for More Orchids. Now What?”.

November 15, 2012, 7 p.m. Sarah Hurdel’s Famous, “What’s Eating Your Orchids?”.

January 17, 2013, 7 p.m. William Goldner, Ph.D. Speaks on Miniature and Compact-growing Phragmipediums.

February 21, 2013, 7 p.m. Michael W. Bowell of Create A Scene.

March 21, 2013, 7 p.m. Speakers Will be the Growers Round Table

April 18, 2013, 7 p.m. Bill Thoms of A-Doribil.

May 16, 2013, 7 p.m. Tony Silva of Silva Orchids, Neptune, New Jersey.

June 20, 2013, 7 p.m. Robert Griesbach Presents “A Guide to Phalaenopsis Species”.

Speaker Schedule 2011-12

September 20, 2011: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 19, 2011, 7 p.m. -- John Salventi Presents The Orchids of Wayqecha: The Manu Cloud Forest.

November 17, 2011, 7 p.m. -- MOS Movie Night: Obsession with Orchids.

January 19, 2012, 7 p.m. -- Dr. Robert Griesback to speak on the Arts and Crafts of Orchid Propagation.

February 16, 2012, 7 p.m. Our Very Own Valerie Lowe -- What Judges Want.

March 15, 2012, 7 p.m. People’s Choice Panel Discussion.

April 19, 2012, 7 p.m. Dr. Ruben Sauleda on Flasking and Propagation.

May 17, 2012, 7 p.m. Mark Werther to Speak on Equitant Oncidium.

June 21, 2012, 7 p.m. Erich Michel Talks Tropical Terrestrials.

Speaker Schedule 2010-11

September 16: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 21: Leon Glicenstein, State College, Pennsylvania.

November 18: Geraldine Powell, The Orchid Gallery, Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

January 20, 2011: Nancy Mountford, Orchids Dominicana.

February 17: Chris Frye Talks About Orchids Native to Maryland.

March 17: Your Local Grower Answer Your Questions!

April 21: Martha Knight Discusses the Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival.

May 19, 2011, 7 p.m. -- Using Today's Tools to Enrich Your Orchid World.

June 16, 2011, 7 p.m. -- Chaz Smith Talks About Rupicolous Laelias and Their Cultivation.

Speaker Schedule 2009-10

September 17: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 15: Ray Barkalow of First Rays Orchids, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

November 19: Wayne Roberts of Robert's Flower Supply, Columbia Station, Ohio.

January 21: Panel Discussion at January's Meeting.

February 18: Philip Seaton to Speak.

March 23: Zoë Smith Presents.

April 15: Bernard Gerrard Talks About "Miniature Cymbidiums: An Old Grower's Current Interest"

May 20: Julia Redman, Will Discuss Orchid Hybridization, Flasking and Seedling Development.

June 17: Bill Goldner of Woodstream Orchids Presents "Modern Complex Paphiopedilum Hybrids: The Papa Aroda Legacy".

Speaker Schedule 2008-9

September 18: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 16: Hermann Pigors, Oak Hill Gardens, Dundee, Illinois.

November 20: Ernie Gemeinhart, Presents Growing Orchids The EnLightened Way: Gardening Under Fluorescent Lights, EnLightened Orchids, Chicagoland, Illinois.

January 15: Viruses and How to Control Them, Joseph J. Francis, National Capital Orchid Society, Washington, DC.

February 19: Judging Orchid Flowers, Valerie Lowe, Maryland Orchid Society, Baltimore, Maryland.

March 19: Bill Mathis, Wild Orchid Company, Carversville, Pennsylvania.

April 16: MOS Gets Culture, Maryland Orchid Society, Baltimore, Maryland.

May 21: Steve Male, Fishing Creek Orchids, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

June 18: Glen Decker of Piping Rock Orchids, Galway, New York.

Speaker Schedule 2007-8

September 20: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 18: 50 Years of Orchid Growing Mistakes, Clark Riley,, Baltimore, Maryland.

November 15: New Colorful Cattleyas, Roy Tokunaga, H & R Nursery, Waimanalo, Hawaii.

February 21: The Orchids of Belize and Guatemala, Stefanie Jarrell, Quarter Acre Orchids, Alexandria, Virginia.

March 20: Getting the Most Out of Your Orchid Addiction, Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids, Lincoln, California.

April 17: Wild Orchids of Maryland and the Eastern United States, David McAdoo, Native Orchid Conference, Brown Summit, North Carolina.

May 15: Chinese Cymbidium Hybrids, George Hatfield, Hatfield Orchids, Ventura County, California.

June 19: Collecting Quality Cattleyas in the 21st Century, Walter and David Off, Waldor Orchids, Linwood, New Jersey.

Speaker Schedule 2006-7

September 21: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 19: New Breeding in Equitant Oncidiums, those lovely little "dancing ladies", Roger Cole, Arbec Orchids, Maryland.

November 16: Catasetum Intergeneric Hybrid Breeding, Fred Clark, Sunset Valley Orchids, San Diego, California.

January 18: Orchids of Ecuador, Ken Meier.

February 15: The Real Miltonias, Linda Wilhelm, Woodland Orchids, Charlotte, North Carolina

March 15: The Orchids of Peru, Alfredo Manrique, Centro de Jardineria Manrique, Lima, Peru

April 19: Disas, Dr. Warren Stoutamire, Akron, Ohio

May 17: An Orchid Odyssey - a journey through orchid rich Costa Rica, Leon Glicenstein, Hoosier Orchids, Indianapolis, Indiana

June 21: Mysteries of Orchid Pollination, Tom Mirenda, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC.

Speaker Schedule 2005-6

September 15: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 20: "Miniatures" Paula Bannon, Greenbush, Virginia.

November 17: "Reed-Stem Epidendrums Come of Age" Lauris Rose, Cal Orchid, Santa Barbara, California.

January 19: "Ladyslippers of Vietnam, Myths and Potential" Dennis D'Alessandro of Gypsy Glen Orchids, Beaver, Pennsylvania.

February 16: Paul Phillips, Ratcliff Orchids, LLC, Kissimmee, Florida and Ratcliffe Orchids (England).

March 16: "The Bizarre, the Beautiful, the Bulbophyllums" Bill Thoms, Dover, Florida.

April 20: "The Quest to Grow Slipper Orchids to Perfection, a Culture Presentation." Joe Kunisch, Bloomfield Orchids, Pittsford, New York.

May 18: "Phalaenopsis are the Rodney Dangerfield of the Orchid World!" Howard Ginsburg, Bedford Orchids, Montreal, Ontario, Canada.

Speaker Schedule 2004-5

September 16: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride, Little Greenhouse, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 21: "Growing Species in the Home" William Rhodehamel, Hoosier Orchid Company, Indianapolis, Indiana. Pre-order orchids from Hoosier Orchid Company and specify the October MOS meeting and they will be delivered at the meeting with a 10% discount -- WOW!

November 18: "Orchids of Panama" Bill Goldner, Woodstream Orchids, Huntingdon, Maryland.

December 16: Christmas Party.

January 20: Valerie Lowe, Baltimore, Maryland.

February 17: "Changes in Paph Breeding" Paul Phillips, Ratcliff Orchids, LLC, Kissimmee, Florida and Ratcliffe Orchids (England).

March 17: "Growing Great Plants" Marty Vittek, The Artists' Corner Inc. (Stained Glass), Parkville, Maryland.

April 21: "Experiences and Hopes for the Cypripediums" Wayne Roberts, Roberts Flower Supply, Columbia Station, Ohio.

May 19: "Good Things Come in Small Packages" Cordelia Head,
J & L Orchids, Easton, Connecticut.

June 16: "Mounted Orchids, Fact and Fantasy" Harry Phillips, Andy's Orchids, San Diego, California.

Speaker Schedule 2003-4

September 18: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD)
October 16: "Orchids of Borneo," Dennis D'Alessandro, Gypsy Glen Orchids.
November 20: "Harlequin Phalaenopsis," Nancy Mountford.
December 18: Christmas Party.
January 15: "Native Orchids," Carol Allen
February 19: "Ex-Situ Preservation: Growing and Propagating Paphiopedilum Species," Bob Wellenstein, Antec Ladyslipper Farm (Antec, NY)
March 18: "Indoor Culture Under Lights," Kathy Giovannelli (Hydrofarm)
April 15: "Introducing the subtribe Catasetinae," Ken Meier (National Capitol Orchid Society, Alexandria, VA)
May 20: "Wilsonara Breeding," Paul Sheetz (JustPat Orchids, Philadelphia, PA)
June 17: "Orchid Photography - Film and Digital," Greg Allikis

Speaker Schedule 2002-3

September 19: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD)
October 17: "New Directions in Breeding of Paphiopedilums," Hadley Cash (Marriott Orchids).
November 14: "The use of Phalaenopsis species in breeding novelty hybrids" Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA, MD).
December 19: Christmas Party.
January 16: "Orchids of Australia ," Roddy Gabel (US Fish & Wildlife).
February 20: "Orchids of Vietnam," Leonid V. Averyanov ( St. Petersburg ).
March 20: "Lessons learned about orchid cultivation by observing them in the wild," Tom Mirenda (US Botanical Garden)
April 24: "Growing Orchids in the Home," Mark Robbins (MOS)
May 15: "Everything you ever wanted to know about Phragmipediums," Glen Decker (Piping Rock Orchids).
June 19: "The Origins of Equitant Oncidiums," Roger Cole (Arbec Orchids)

Speaker Schedule 2001-2002
September 20: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD)
October 18: "Orchids of Mexico," Alfred B. Lau, Mexico .
November 15: "South American Treasures: Epidendrums and Their Hybrids," Bill Goldner, (Woodstream Orchids).
December 21: Christmas Party.
January 17: "Pests and Diseases," Carol Allen.
February 21: "The 2001 Japan Grand Prix," Yassir Islam (Argus Orchids).
March 21: "Some Fundamental Concepts to Improving Paph Culture," Bob Wellenstein (AnTec).
April 18: "Managing your orchid collection to produce specimen plants," Marty Vittek (MOS).
May 16: "The World of Miniature Orchids," Darrin Norton (Mountain Orchids).
June 20: "Growing a Diverse Collection," Stephen Male (Fishing Creek Orchids).

Speaker Schedule 2000-2001
September 21: Tour of show table and annual awards, Tom McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD)
October 26: "Paphiopedilums in Japan: The 1999 Japan Grand Prix," Yassir Islam (Argus, DC).
November 16: "Unusual Species," Hermann Pigors (Oak Hill Gardens, IL)
December 21: "Genetic Engineering of Orchids," Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA, MD).
January 18: "Phalaenopsis Culture: From the Dominican Republic to Home," Nancy Mountford (Arbec Orchids).
February 15: "The First Three Arcs of the Rainbow," H. P. Norton ( Orchidview , SC ).
March 15: "In Praise of Native Orchids," Hal Horwitz ( Richmond , VA ) .
April 19: "What’s in a name? (and should you care?)," Clark Riley.
May 17: "A cultural review of some common and not-so-common dendrobiums," John Salventi (Parkside Orchids).
June 21: "Orchids at Home," Ann Lundy and Mark Robbins.

Speaker Schedule 1999-2000
September 17: Meeting cancelled due to hurricane.
October 15: "Vanda Culture" Steven Shifflett (Floradise Orchids, VA).
November 19: "Main Lines of Mini-Catt Breeding," Roger Cole (Arbec Orchids, MD)
December 16: "In Search of the Wild Vanilla," William Goldner (Woodstream, PA)
January 20: Cancelled due to snow emergency.
February 17: "Complex and Novelty Paphiopedilums,'' Paul Phillips (Ratcliffe, FL).
March 16: "How to Put in an Exhibit," MOS members.
April 13: "First-Generation Phalaenopsis venosa Hybrids," Paul Sheetz (JustPat Orchids, PA).
May 18: "Cattleya species," David Broadhurst (MOS)
June 15: "Paphiopedilum Culture," Nick Mancier (A&P Orchids, MA).

Speaker Schedule 1998-1999
September 17: Tour of show table and annual awards,Tom McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD).
October 15: "Vanda Hybrids Without Vanda sanderiana" Bill Werntz (Orchid Consultations, PA).
November 19: "Multi-floral Paphiopedilums", John F. Salventi (Parkside Orchids, PA).
December 10: "Phalaenopsis Culture in Sphagnum Moss," Laura Brennan (Brennan's Orchids, VA).
January 21: Speaker ill, so discussed members' growing methods.
February 18: "The Genus Paphiopedilum - An Overview," Dr. Guido Jozef Braem (Germany).
March 18: "Let's Go On With the Show," Don Cromer(MOS).
April 15: "Warmth-Tolerant Odontoglossums," Rory Jones (Lionstar Orchids, NJ).
May 20: "The Lengths We Grow To," Darin Norton (Mountain Orchids, VT).
June 17: "Ecuador-Spanish for Equator," Dennis D'Allessandro (Gypsy Glen Orchids, PA)

Speaker Schedule 1997-1998
September 17, 1997: Tour of show table and annual awards, Thomas McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD).
October , 1997 -
November 20, 1997 : "Lycastes - a survey of the species and comparison of awarded clones,"
Nancy Mountford (Arbec Orchids, MD).
December 10, 1997: Roger Cole (Arbec Orchids, MD).
January 21, 1998: Speaker kept away by snow. Discussed members' growing methods.
February 19, 1998: "Breeding of Striped Phalaenopsis" Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA, MD).
March 19, 1998: -
April 23, 1998: "Orchids in Europe," Merritt Huntington (Kensington Orchids, MD).
May 21, 1998: "Down and Dirty Orchids! Terrestrials Come of Age," Clark Riley (MOS).
June 18, 1998: -

Speaker Schedule 1996-1997
September 19, 1996 - Tour of show table and annual awards, Thomas McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD).
October 17, 1996: "Cattleyas," Mr. William Werntz (Orchid Consultations, PA).
November 21, 1996: "Hardy Orchids: Out of the Cold," Dr. Clark Riley (MOS).
December 12, 1996: "Culture of Calanthes," Carlos Fighetti (East Hill Orchids)
January 16, 1997: "Multifloral Phalaenopsis," Carrie Raven-Riemann (Orchidphile).
February 20, 1997: "Uncommon Miniature Orchid Species," Carol Allen.
March 20, 1997 - ""
April 10, 1997: "Everything You Wish Your Grandmother Had Told You About Growing Orchids (If She Knew Anything About Growing Orchids)," Marty Vittek (MOS).
May 15, 1997 -""
June 19, 1997 -""

Speaker Schedule 1995-1996
September 21, 1995 -Tour of show table and annual awards, Thomas McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD).
October 19, 1995 -"Selected Species," Stephen Shifflett (Floradise Orchids, VA).
November 16, 1995 - "Phalaenopsis," Mark Rose (Breckinridge Orchids, NC).
December 14, 1995 - Holiday Party.
January 18, 1996 -
February 22, 1996 - "Phrag besseae and its Recent Hybrids," Arthur Katz.
March 21, 1996 - "Coaching Orchids for Exhibition," Mike Bowell.
April 11, 1996 - "Installing an Orchid Exhibit," Barbara Tischerman.
May 16, 1996 - "Yuck! What's That? Orchid Pests and Diseases," judywhite (AOS).
June 20, 1996 - "Paphiopedilum Species and Their Culture," Dr. William Goldner (Woodstream Orchids, PA).

Speaker Schedule 1994-1995
September 22, 1994 - Tour of show table and annual awards, Thomas McBride (Little Greenhouse, MD).
October 20, 1994 - "General Orchid Culture," Gerald Delaney (MOS).
November 17, 1994 - "Orchids of the Brazilian Central Plateau," Lou Menezes (Brazil).
December 15, 1994 - Holiday Party.
January 19, 1995 - "New Approaches to Pest & Disease Control," Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA, MD).
February 16, 1995 - "Paphiopedilums: Past & Present," Merritt Huntington (Kensington Orchids, MD).
March 16, 1995 - "How to Install an Orchid Exhibit," Robert Travers (MOS).
April 20, 1995 - "Phragmipediums," William Werntz (Orchid Consultations, PA).
May 18, 1995 - "Underground Greenhouse and Culture of Lycaste and Angulocaste," Robert Benson (MOS).
June 15, 1995 - "My Favorite Draculas," Stephen Male (Fishing Creek Orchids, PA).

Speaker Schedule 1993-1994
September 16, 1993 - "Vandas - The Black Sheep of the Family," Chris Rehnan.
October 21, 1993 - Roger Cole (Arbec Orchids, MD).
November 18, 1993 - "Orchid Management," Mark N. Werther.
December 16, 1993 - Holiday party
January 20, 1994 - Cancelled due to snow.
February 17, 1994 - "Orchids from A to Z," Ms. Debbie Robinson (PA)
March 18, 1994 - "Installing an Award Winning Orchid Exhibit," Rev. Leslie Werner.
April 21, 1994 - "New Colors and Color Patterns in Phalaenopsis," Dr. Mark Steen (Mistral Orchids, GA).
May 19, 1994 - "Are Orchids Really Plants?" Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA).
June 16, 1994 - "Paphiopedilum Orchids," Merritt Huntington (Kensington Orchids, MD).

Speaker Schedule 1992-1993
September 17, 1992 - "3-D Slide Show," John Nelson, Photographer for AOS Washington Center .
October 15, 1992 - "Phalaenopsis Culture," Dr. Mark Steen.
November 19, 1992 - "Orchid Plant Nutrition," Mr. David Neal (Dyna-Grow Corp.).
December 17, 1992 - Holiday party
January 21, 1993 - "Vandas and Their Culture in the East," Steve Shifflett (Floradise Orchids).
February 18, 1993 - "Intergeneric Doritis Hybrids," Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA).
March 18, 1993 - "Paphiopedilum Parvisepalum Award Standards," William Werntz.
April 22, 1993 - "Paph. sukhakulii and its Influence on Paphiopedilum Hybrids," Wesley Higgins.
May 19, 1993 - "Miltonias," Merritt Huntington (Kensington Orchids, MD).
June 16, 1993 - "My 40 Years of Do's and Don'ts of Growing Orchids," Andy Adams (Ten Oaks Nursery, MD)

Speaker Schedule 1991-1992
September 19, 1991 - "Searching for Orchids in Southeast Asia ," Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA).
October 17, 1991 - "Phal violacea hybrids," Mr. Bob Ellenberg (Jemmco Orchids).
November 19, 1991 - "Breeding with Phal. lindenii," Mr. Tom Harper (Stone River Orchids).
December 19, 1991 - Holiday party
January 16, 1992 - "Miltonias: Their Culture and History," Merrit Huntington (Kensington Orchids).
February 20, 1992 - "Paphiopedilum species," (Hasegawa slides presented by Mike Barretti).
March 19, 1992 - "An Orchid Commentary," Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA).
April 23, 1992 - "New Trends in Complex Paphiopedilums," Mr. Dwayne McDowell (Klehm Growers).
May 21, 1992 - "Growing Orchids in an Urban Environment," Mr. Arnie Linsman.
June 18, 1992 - "Nature Preserves in Maryland," Ms. Virginia Mead (The Nature Conservatory)

Speaker Schedule 1990-1991
September 19, 1990 - "Your Orchids and the AOS Judging System," Les Werner.
October 18, 1990 - "Pests and Diseases," video from the AOS Library.
November 15, 1990 - "Virus Detection and Genetic Engineering for Resistance," Dr. John Hammond.
December 19, 1990 - Holiday party
January 17, 1991 - "Oncidium Alliance Intergeneric Hybrids," Mr. Roger Cole (Arbec Orchids).
February 21, 1991 - "Sophronitis coccinea Primary Hybrids," Mr. Plato Matthews.
March 21, 1991 - "Orchids of the Costa Rican Cloud Forest," Mr. Leon Slecinstein.
April 18, 1991 - "Disas," Mr. Michael Owens (Longwood Gardens).
May 16, 1991 - "New Trends in Vanda Breeding," Dr. Martin Motes (Motes Orchids).
June 20, 1991 - "Native American Orchids," Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA).

Speaker Schedule 1989-90
September 21, 1989 - "Cultural Clinic," Tom McBride and Merritt Huntington.
October 19, 1989 - "Media Mania and a Trip to the Moscow Botanical Garden ," judywhite.
November 16, 1989 - "Odontoglossums," Diane Vickery (Thoroughbred Orchids).
December 15, 1989 - Holiday party at the Hammonds .
January 18, 1990 - ?.
February 15, 1990 - "Growing Specimen Plants," Mike Barretti.
March 15, 1990 - "How to Set Up an Exhibit for an Orchid Show," Barbara Tischerman.
April 1990 - Meeting cancelled due to Annual Spring Show.
May 16, 1990 - "The Elusive Yellow Phal.," Dr. Robert Griesbach (USDA).
June 21, 1990 - "Creators of the Colorful Catts.," Don Herman (Trynwood Orchids).

Speaker Schedule 1988-9
September 15, 1988 - "Culture of Orchids as House Plants," Jill Vann-Moore (US Botanic Garden).
October 20, 1988 - "?,".
November 17, 1988 - "Sex Lives of Orchids," Dr. Jon Vickery (Thoroughbred Orchids).
December 1988 - Holiday party at the Hammonds .
January 19, 1989 - "Phalaenopsis Culture and New Developments," Carlos Fischetti.
February 16, 1989 - "Cinderella's Slippers -- The Cypripidium," Clark Riley.
March 16, 1989 - "Longwood Gardens and its Orchids," Mike Owen (Head Grower, Longwood).
April 20, 1989 - "Angraccum's" Arthur Holst.
May 18, 1989 - Dr. Carl Withner (Brooklyn and New York Botanical Gardens).
June 15, 1989 - "Staging a Good Orchid Exhibit," Sophia Martin.

Speaker Schedule 1987-8
September 17, 1987 - "Orchids in Europe ," Merritt Huntington (Kensington Orchids).
October 20, 1987 - Paul Philips (Ratcliffe Orchids).
November 17, 1987 - John Stacy.
December 1987 - Holiday party.
January 21, 1988 - "Growing Orchids Under Lights," Rev. Les Werner.
February 18, 1988 - "Staging an Orchid Display," Sophia Martin.
March 17, 1988 - "Growing Secrets," Mike Baretti.
April 21, 1988 - Alan Moon, Manager Eric Young Foundation.
May 19, 1988 - "A Pot Pouri of Orchid Species - Part III," Dr. Bob Bundrett.
June 15, 1988 - " Longwood Gardens ," Bob Beck.
(First meeting in First English Church).

Speaker Schedule 1986-7
September 18, 1986 - "Species," Mike Barretti.
October 16, 1986 - "Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar ," Fred Hillerman.
November 20, 1986 - "Pesticides," Dr. Robert Ballentine.
December 18, 1986 - Holiday party.
January 15, 1987 - Joan Kasprzak.
February 19, 1987 - Dr. Charles Williamson (Jungle Gems).
March 19, 1987 - "Orchid Culture," prepared by Leo Hulguin, presented by Sharon Shulder.
April 16, 1987 - "A Potpouri of Orchid Species -II," Dr. Bob Bundrett.
May 19, 1987 - "Judging," Louis Martin.
June 18, 1987 - "Views of the World Orchid Congress," John Nelson.